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Beneath its rough exterior, every piece of reclaimed wood bears the stamp of where it’s been. Whether it’s an old-growth doug fir beam from an abandoned warehouse or an exotic hardwood crate from overseas, reclaimed timbers add a sense of heritage to every project.

At Viridian, we’re committed to finding the best use for each and every piece of wood we rescue. Our reclaimed wood flooring, paneling and restaurant tables come from a variety of sources, including abandoned buildings, shipyards, old gymnasiums and forest salvage. Our craftsmen work to bring out the rich grain and unique characteristics of every piece of reclaimed lumber, giving new life to discarded wood.

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All of our FSC®-certified woods–even our most exotic species–are 100% reclaimed and manufactured in the USA. We do not import any lumber! And local craftsmen work to bring out the rich grain and unique character of every board. We love where we live, and we want to ensure the highest possible quality of life for future generations. It’s why we do what we do.

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