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zigzag paneling

LIMITED EDITION! Only $3/sf*! Zigzag paneling is named after a winding river canyon on the slopes of Mt. Hood for a reason: it is rugged, variable and looks amazing in wide open spaces.  It features heavy patina and a handful of painted boards from its prior life as a shipping crate, as well as mixed-widths and thicknesses, rough-sawn character on all 4 sides and real nail heads mid-board.

Zigzag has a weathered look with no hidden metal, so installers have an easy time face nailing it in place.  The lengths are all reasonably consistent making it simple to make horizontal, vertical and even herringbone patterns (boards may need end trimming at time of install).

Zigzag is one of our most affordable products too, so you can cover a lot of territory at a very reasonable price.

Qty available:
Approx 4,800sf

*handling fee may be charged for orders under 250sf

ZigZag zigzag paneling

fast facts

typical dimensions:

thickness 5/8” (+/- ¼”)
face 4” – 6”
lengths 24”-36”

designer notes:

• varies by lot, call for current availability
• rustic long edges have some variability; paint wall a dark color before install to mask gapping
• some nail heads will fall out at install; the rest are stable once on wall
• linear patterns are easy; complex patterns may require on-site sawing to match up


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