truck deck paneling – top face

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truck deck paneling – top face

Giant tractor-trailers transporting goods from coast-to-coast typically contain wide planks of heavy oak decking, but the hard-driven miles take their toll on these truck decks. When the decking is replaced Viridian upcycles it into flooring and paneling with unparalleled character.

It’s unique and extremely rustic character from being on the “business end” of carrying heavy cargoes—deep gouges, a thick patina and jet black holes where the bolts were literally torched out.  Some boards have oxide bands where the planks rested on the metal trailer frame. We mill it to consistent ½” tongue and groove, brush it to make it commercial friendly and prefinish it so installation is a snap.


LIMITED! Qty avail: 

approx 300sf

370sf (different profile, must be sold separately)

Truck-Deck-Thumb truck deck paneling - top face

fast facts

available as:

1/2” T&G paneling


top face (shown)
bottom face


thickness 1/2”
face 5”
lengths 24”-72”

prefinished available:

standard rustic texture
clear or stained

certified sustainable:

FSC® - recycled 100%, post-consumer reclaimed

made in usa


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