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Our flagship material is a show-stopping mix of dense Asian hardwoods that arrive in Portland as transpacific shipping crates carrying steel railroad track. Its proven to withstand punishing conditions of heavy cargoes and rough seas, yet just below the surface of its rugged exterior are gorgeous hardwoods bursting with personality. We reclaim this wood ourselves, to rescue it and give it new life in Jakarta Market Blend.

Light Sort brings together the lighter spectrum of our exotic hardwoods. It minimizes the red, brown and graphite tones present in the Tropical Mix, leaving the bright tan, ivory, honey and blond hues. It’s extremely versatile – Create your own look using a custom stain. Mix-and-match rustic face with fresh sawn boards. Use thin boards for curved walls or use a distinctive paneling profile to set your project apart. The possibilities are endless and we will make your vision a reality.

JMB-Light-Thum jakarta - light

fast facts

available as:

3/8" solid paneling
5/8” solid flooring
engineered flooring


thickness 3/8”
face 2-1/2”
lengths 24”-76”

color options:

light sort (shown)
dark sort
tropical mix
rustic (original patina)
stock and custom stains

prefinished available

certified sustainable:

FSC® - recycled 100%, post-consumer reclaimed.

made in oregon:

reclaimed in Portland and manufactured in Oregon to keep jobs, resources and money where they should be, local!


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