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mahogany bleacher boards

Mahogany-bleacher-300x300 mahogany bleacher boards

Our goal is to reclaim as much wood as we can, and we achieve this by focusing on wood that is in our standard lineup or that we can get in reliable volumes over time. Occasionally, we rescue “limited editions” of extraordinary woods that don’t fit nicely into any one category, but they are too good to pass up. We can mill and finish these items to order, so check out our current stock below to get your creative juices flowing, and then call us to discuss your ideas.

We inventory a lot of Doug Fir and Southern Yellow Pine bleachers, but we recently got our hands on some beautiful, solid widths of mahogany too. They are 7-1/4″ wide, 1″ thick and 16 feet long. This wonderful wood is in a class by itself, as only the highest grade of lumber can meet the structural demands and long lengths of bleachers. It comes with random bolt holes hinting at its past life…you can leave them as-is or we can fill them. We can mill it any way you like for a clean look or you can use the original bleacher face as-is (these bleachers have original varnish, no numbers or paint).

Qty Available:
Approx 2,300sf

Mahogany-bleacher mahogany bleacher boards

fast facts


thickness 1-1/4"
face 7-1/4-8-1/4"
lengths 16 feet


as-is bleachers
solid flooring & paneling
tables & counters
prefinishing available

certified sustainable:

FSC® - recycled 100%, post-consumer reclaimed.

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