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gym bleachers

Reclaimed from school and community center gymnasiums being renovated, this wonderful wood is in a class by itself, as only the highest grade of lumber can meet the structural demands and long lengths of bleachers. This material comes with random bolt holes hinting at its past life…you can leave them as-is or we can fill them.  It can be milled for a clean look or for use the original bleacher face, complete with seat numbers and angst filled-teen graffiti (you have been warned!)

This material varies from gym to gym and we are constantly getting new shipments, so please contact us for current availability.

Doug-FIr-Bleacher-CVG-JW gym bleachers

fast facts

available as:

as-is bleacher boards
3/8” solid paneling
5/8” solid flooring
tables & counters

typical dimensions:

face 9¼”
lengths 96”-192”
dimensions often vary, call

options vary by lot:

douglas fir or southern yellow pine
mixed grain or vertical grain
with or without seat numbers
original bleacher face or fresh sawn

certified sustainable:

FSC® - recycled 100%, post-consumer reclaimed.

made in the usa


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