antique barnwood rustic natural

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antique barnwood rustic natural

Viridian’s Antique Barnwood is reminiscent of a bygone era when oak was commonly used as siding for the many barns that dot the landscape. Some of our all-American mix of oak and other hardwoods are reclaimed from dismantled barns, and others get their rough-and-tumble character from carrying heavy cargoes throughout the US. We preserve its best aspects—the circle sawn marks, nail holes and vintage patina—and precision mill them with a slight skip plane and proprietary brushing process that creates a subtle texture that is perfect for fast and consistent installs.  It is a versatile and sustainable option that is excellent for residential and commercial use.

Be sure to also check out our stunning rustic Antique Barnwood paneling, flooring and tables available with the original circle sawn patina.

antique-barnwood-table antique barnwood rustic natural

fast facts

thickness 1-1/2"
widths 24-30-36”
lengths up to 96”

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