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Order-with-Confidence order with confidence

Ordering reclaimed wood has its quirks, but our goal is to make it easy:

Unique Looks  ››› We’re obsessive about staying on the cutting edge of wood trends. We’re always searching for what’s next!

Affordable ››› We have options for every style and budget.

Durable Finishes ››› Our products are built to last, and we have the best wood finishes in the business

Short Lead Times ››› Every order on time, on budget and no surprises.

Reliable Stock ››› We have deep inventories and are able to supply large projects with consistent material.

Consistent Specs ››› Product specifications are clear, reliable and designed for quick and easy onsite installation.

FSC® Certified ››› FSC is the global leader for responsible forestry, and all of our products carry an FSC claim.

LEED® ››› All products are eligible for LEED credits and we have LEED APs on staff to help.

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