Table Bases


A beautiful combination of style and function

Who says a great looking table can’t have a beautiful base? Choose from a diverse inventory of table bases to compliment your next table purchase from Viridian Wood. We offer more than a half-dozen styles of steel table bases with anywhere from four to seven different color finishes to choose from. Perfect for restaurant tables, community tables, conference room tables, or desks, our stunning styles will add a modern flair to any room.

Beyond our cutting-edge base designs, we carry traditionally styles restaurant table bases. Suitable for indoor or outdoor dining, our traditional restaurant table bases come in standard, counter, and bar height. They’re built in heavy-duty cast iron, making them incredibly durable and stable. The matte black powder finish pairs well with any species, color, or wood finish, meaning you can pair them with your order or existing inventory. Get a free quote today to start your order!