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We design our reclaimed wood tables around the needs of heavy-use environments, and we finish them to withstand constant spills and wipe downs. Our skilled craftsmen get just the right combination of reclaimed style and functional performance.  They are perfect for restaurant, office and home use.

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          > industry leading, durable finish

          > FSC® certified

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Rustic or refined, we have a table option that will match your style and budget:

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antique barnwood

old growth doug fir beam


live edge

add the look of live edge to our most popular styles

table bases

turnkey metal bases for fast on-site installation

Read on to learn more our reclaimed wood restaurant tables, or click here to watch a video of how our table tops are manufactured.

More Affordable Than You Think

Viridian’s promise is hand-crafted, affordable goodness from Portland.  You don’t need to pay top dollar to get quality reclaimed wood restaurant tables. Our competitive pricing often surprises our customers, and we offer quantity discounts starting at 10 tables. Pick your favorite reclaimed wood from the images above, and then contact us to get a price quote.

A Unique Look

Reclaimed wood tables make a strong statement in your dining room. Some restaurants hide their tables under linens, which is an expensive and long-term cost. Inspired restaurateurs make reclaimed wood tables a conversation piece! Our repeat customers often tell us their design concept focuses on the tops we carefully craft for them. Many people think of rustic options like our popular antique barnwood when picturing reclaimed wood restaurant tables, but we also have sophisticated smooth top options that suit every taste.

Quick Lead Times for Last Minute Orders

We understand that sometimes the tables are the last thing to get ordered in a restaurant. We strive to get every order out in 2 to 4 weeks. We stock large slabs of our most popular reclaimed wood materials that we cut individual tables from. These slabs allow us to shorten our lead times significantly for quick-turn projects.

Built to Last

We select only the highest quality kiln dried reclaimed wood for our table tops, and our industry-leading prefinish wins the heart’s of our restaurant clients. First, we fill all major knots, nail holes and openings in the wood with epoxy to keep your tables looking amazing despite constant spills and wipe downs. Next, we finish with a multi-layer conversion varnish that exceeds all KCMA performance tests for stain and scuff-resistance. These tests are brutal and involve placing common detergents, vinegar, lemon and even 100-proof alcohol on the finish for 24 hours to make sure the it holds up on your tables. Finally, we recess metal angle iron into the underside of our solid reclaimed wood tables to ensure they will never warp.

The White Terrycloth Test

We are passionate (and OCD!) about the quality and performance of Viridian’s rustic reclaimed wood tables. Our craftsmen have perfected making the “just right” amount of rustic on our tables. We make sure the best aspects of the reclaimed wood shines through, without food getting stuck in nooks and crannies. Also, every restaurant on Earth uses inexpensive white terrycloth towels to wipe down, but they snag and shed on tables that are too rustic. We use this benchmark test and work hard to avoid catches on our tables.


Viridian’s goal is on-time, on-budget and no surprises!   We design our tables to fit on all common restaurant bases, and we also offer turnkey community table bases.   You will receive your tables securely packaged and ready for fast on site installation.

Not Convinced? See What Our Customers Have to Say!

PH-barnwood-rustic-table-1-300x168 reclaimed wood restaurant tables“We recently received our order of antique barn wood tabletops from Viridian Wood and couldn’t be happier with the look and feel of these great tables. They really contribute to the atmosphere in a positive way. I was surprised that the whole process only took a few weeks from start to finish. The staff was very helpful and answered all our questions while guiding us through our selection. Pricing was competitive and all of our communication with the Viridian staff was prompt, professional, and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and look forward to working with them again on future projects.”
– Joel Carson
Pope House Bourbon Lounge– Portland Oregon

PRG-gp-antique-table-1-1-300x175 reclaimed wood restaurant tables“I have used Viridian on two recent restaurant projects and have been very pleased with the products and the customer service. I have not found any table top manufacturer locally who can beat their quality, price and fast lead times. The table finishes have held up very well in a typically tough restaurant environment. In fact, I plan on using them for my next restaurant project which will include custom shelving, benches and of course, table tops. I highly recommend Viridian!”
– Stacy Paragary
Paragary Restaurant Group, Sacramento, California

Take a Tour of Our Process


Reclamation & Grading

reclamation_grading-300x300 reclaimed wood restaurant tables

We reclaim wood from a variety of sources, and it all passes through our 40,000 SF processing facility. Here we remove all the metal, defect and high grade the wood needed for tabletop material. Pulling all those nails is tough work, but it’s worth it! We recycle 99% of all inbound material, but only the best of the best is made into tables. 

Kiln Drying

kiln-300x300 reclaimed wood restaurant tables

Every board that is made into a table must first go through our kiln. This process sanitizes the wood and ensures that each piece is dry and stable enough to be glued into a table top.


sawing_milling-300x300 reclaimed wood restaurant tables

After proper drying, the wood goes through a variety of milling operations to prepare it to be glued up. Bent boards are given straight edges, and lumber is further graded to make sure it is the highest quality.


moulder-300x300 reclaimed wood restaurant tables

These rough sawn boards then go through a high-tech molder, and its many precision cutting heads shape and surface the wood so it can be glued up. The tolerances for this machine are within thousandths of an inch! The molder cleans up the edges of the lumber to get it ready for glue.

Glue Up

glue-up-300x300 reclaimed wood restaurant tables

Each table is dry-fitted to ensure a good look and proper fit. One often overlooked aspect of gluing up tables is the orientation of the grain. Our craftsmen know how to orient each board for maximum stability. At this point planks are edge glued and placed in a large clamp to become a glued slab.


filling-300x300 reclaimed wood restaurant tables

Once out of the clamp, epoxy is added to open knots and cracks/holes larger than 1/8”. This creates a great surface for finishing, and it helps keep food, liquid and other debris out of nooks and crannies so your tables look amazing for many years.


sanding-300x300 reclaimed wood restaurant tables

When the epoxy has dried, the rough table top slabs go to a large overhead sander to remove excess glue and excess epoxy. We start with a rough grit to get all of the tables to the same thickness, and then move to finer grits to create a smooth wood surface ready to receive our durable finish.

Precision Trim

trim-300x300 reclaimed wood restaurant tables

Each table order is accompanied by a detailed work order that sets out the specifications for each restaurant table. Over-sized slabs are trimmed to exact size, and edges are slightly rounded.

Angle Iron

angle-iron-300x300 reclaimed wood restaurant tables

Everyone has experienced a wooden restaurant table that was either warped or had a hideous stress crack in the middle. This is because solid wood expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. We are perfectionists and hate seeing this, so our construction method includes recessed angle iron and several other steps to account for wood movement. Other manufacturers skip this step or build in unsightly under supports that affect where you can place a standard table base. Our process takes extra care, time and cost, but makes our tables outshine and outlast the rest.


finishing-300x300 reclaimed wood restaurant tables

The most important component of a wood table is the finish. Our conversion varnish is the best finish you can apply to a table top. It exceeds the KCMA test for bleach water, wine, citrus, and other punishing substances. Our finish is also top rated for abrasion resistance and will last for many years in the harsh environment of a restaurant. We apply several coats to both the top and back to ensure that our tables meet your expectations.

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging-300x300 reclaimed wood restaurant tables

After your beautiful tables are finished, we take great care to make sure they are packaged to get to you in one piece. Shippers are hard on tables, so we protect your tables in our custom built crates. You will receive turnkey reclaimed wood tables, ready for any base you either already have or buy at your local restaurant supply store.


Are you in or planning to visit Portland? We love guests! Contact us to tour our factory.

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