Reclaimed Wood Restaurant Tables


Timeless Style, Superior Performance

Each table in your restaurant and bar is a defining piece that sets the atmosphere for your space. When mixed with the lighting, wall design, layout, and other features of your restaurant or bar, the tables express the look you want customers to enjoy. In addition to style, a restaurant table must be durable. It must withstand multiple cleanings, stains, nicks, bumps, and more throughout a busy day. At Viridian Wood, we take tremendous pride in creating products that achieve this delicate balance of look and performance.

Our restaurant tables are built from sustainable wood sourced from across the United States. Each table is the culmination of work by our master craftsmen and finishers to create a timeless product. Every table is ECOLAB tested to work with front-of-house cleaning products and finished using safe, durable finishes. Additional features include ANSI/KCMA A161.1 certification for bleach water, citrus, wine, and abrasion resistance. 

Choose from several styles and finishes including walnut, maple, and white oak. Tables are available in multiple sizes and configurations, including two-top, four-top, and six-top tables. We provide restaurant tables for both indoor and outdoor seating. Request a free quote or sample from our team today!