Restaurant Table Base Installation

Restaurant Table Base Installation Guidelines

Installing a restaurant table base is easier than you might think. If you have the right equipment, installation can take only a few minutes per table. First though, you will need to have the right equipment. Here is a list:

  • Battery powered drill/ driver
  • Drill bit
  • Phillips Screws
  • Phillips Screw bit
  • Straight edge
  • Pencil
  • Blue tape
  • Tape measure
  • Table base (assembled)
  • Blanket or cardboard

Having the right equipment makes this task easy. Refreshing your table tops can be done in only a couple of hours. Depending on the size of your restaurant, it can be done after your doors close for the night and you will have a totally new look for the next shift.

Selecting your screws before the tables arrive is a good idea and will make your installation easier.  Your screws should be the same length as the thickness of the table, minus ¼”inch.  We recommend that you get a wood screw with coarse threads and a pan head. We also recommend that you get a drive bit with a Phillips drive; avoid flat head. Another thing to consider when selecting your screws is the size of the drill bit you will be using to pre-drill. You will want a drill bit narrower than your screw threads. If in doubt, have a local hardware store help you out with your selection.

To make your installation go quickly and easily, our preferred drill driver is also an impact driver. It allows for easy drilling and screw driving, especially in hardwoods.

As you unpack your carefully crated tables, place each one on its edge in the area of the restaurant where it will eventually reside. Once your wood tabletops are dispersed around your restaurant, it will be easier to move around and install the bases without the clutter of tables around you.

Go ahead, you got this!

Restaurant-table-base-installation-1-300x200 Restaurant Table Base InstallationThe first step is making sure you protect your wood tabletop during the installation process. Moving blankets are ideal for this because they are inexpensive, thick and you won’t worry about laying them on the floor.  Cardboard is an option as well; anything that is soft and thick enough to protect your tables from scratches or dents. Make sure the blanket or cardboard is spread wide enough to accommodate the entire length and width of the you are about to install. Place the wood table face down on the blanket, with the underside exposed for the installation of the base.

Restaurant-table-base-installation-2-300x200 Restaurant Table Base InstallationThe next step is to take your pencil and a straight edge and lightly draw a line from corner-to-corner, creating an “X”. These lines will mark the exact center of the table and will allow you to perfectly center the base onto the tabletop.  Communal base installation is discussed later on in this article.

*the two dark lines in this table are actually channels cut to receive angle iron. We install it on some of our tables to keep them perfectly flat. Not all of our tables need angle iron.

Restaurant-table-base-installation-3-300x200 Restaurant Table Base InstallationTo determine the depth to pre-drill the table, measure the thickness of the wood table and subtract ¼” inch. Place a piece of blue tape around the shaft of the drill bit at that point. 

Restaurant-table-base-installation-4-300x200 Restaurant Table Base Installation

The purpose of the blue tape is to act as a depth indicator so when you are drilling, you stop at a depth that will accommodate the screw, but not go through the top of your table.



Restaurant-table-base-installation-5-300x200 Restaurant Table Base InstallationOnce you have determined the center of the table, place the assembled table base upside down onto the underside of the table, as if the assembled table were sitting upside down. Rotate the screw holes in the support arms of the base to align with the reference lines you penciled in.

Restaurant-table-base-installation-6-300x200 Restaurant Table Base InstallationUsing your pencil, mark the locations of the holes and remove the base to the side. Drill the marks you just made. Make sure not to go past the blue tape on your drill bit!  Sweep away any saw dust and place the base back onto the underside of the table.  

Restaurant-table-base-installation-7-300x200 Restaurant Table Base InstallationAlign the holes with the base and insert screws. Tighten them up making sure not to over torque them. (Pro Tip: The screws only need to be in there firmly, not too tight.  You want the table to be able to move with the seasons as it expands and contracts with the humidity).

Communal tables with multiple bases are easily adapted to the method above. Using a tape measure, a pencil and your straight edge, create two boxes at each end of the wood tabletop. Treat each of these boxes just like an individual table and install per the instructions above. One thing to consider when you are laying out your communal table bases is whether you want seating on the ends of the table. You may want to also consider the locations of the bases depending on where the seats are located. You don’t want to have the base right in the center of someone’s seat. All communal tables are unique, so use the above guidelines to determine where it makes sense to locate the bases.

If you purchase a high top communal table from Viridian, the custom made bases will have been pre drilled to the top, so the only thing you will need to do is install the provided hardware.

If you choose to provide convenience features such as purse hooks under the table tops, this is the time to install them. Keep in mind that you may need shorter screws or alternative hardware when installing them.