Wood Wall Paneling


Gorgeous, sustainably sourced wood paneling

When it comes to wall decoration, most businesses opt to throw a coat of paint on and call it a day. With reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood wall paneling from Viridian Wood, you can add a unique flair to the interior of your restaurant, office, or any interior space! Our wall panels are made from sustainably sourced & reclaimed wood. We source our panels from fences, barn siding, and other structures that no longer need the wood. Viridian Wood’s team of expert craftsmen and women take each panel and transform it into a product that is unlike anything on the market.

At Viridian Wood, we know no two businesses are the same, which is why we carry a deep inventory with a versatile range of species, designs, and looks. For additional style inspiration, or to see how one of our reclaimed wood paneling can enhance your space, check out our style guide and past customers!