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at viridian, we dance to the beat of our own drummers

(we have 2 drummers on staff)

holidaycrop meet our team

Giving new life to old wood takes a lot of tenacity and creative energy. If you think we sell wood flooring and tables, you are only partly right. A big part of our job is to discover new and creative ways to use wood, to innovate processes and to tell our story in a way that inspires others to use reclaimed wood products. We’re a close-knit group who loves what we do. We work hard, and we have a lot of fun while we do it. We’re smart, honest, genuine, a little (ok, A LOT) wacky and wholly committed to growing our company sustainably in every sense of the word.

Pierce meet our team

Pierce Henley
Co-founder and Director of Business Development
Favorite Viridian Material: Good Neighbor Weathered Redwood
Hometown: San Rafael, California
Likes:  Gardening, Single batch bourbons, Peking Duck and fall colors
Favorite things about Portland: Hiking in Washington Park, food carts, long summers, hipster culture, and our public transportation system.
Fun Fact: I was on a team that took first place in a curling league in here in Portland. Yes, Curling is that funny sport with ice, rocks and brooms.

Joe meet our team

Joe Mitchoff, LEED AP
Co-founder and CEO
Favorite Viridian Material: Jakarta Market Blend – Tropical Mix
Hometown: Sellwood, Oregon (What’s in a name?!)
Likes: Camping, hiking, running, snowboarding, travel, music festivals & Burning Man (13 times!)
Favorite things about Portland: Portland Center Stage, biking the Springwater Corridor, running the Wildwood Trail, our incredible food carts and the Timbers Army (R.C.T.I.D!)
Fun fact: Met Pierce at a happy hour in 2002 and became fast friends. We always knew we’d do something in business together, but reclaimed lumber kinda found us!

Kristen meet our team

Kristen Gilchrist
Director of Sales 
Favorite Viridian Material: Jakarta Market Blend – Dark Sort
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Likes: Camping, hiking, going to the dog park & happy hour!
Favorite things about Portland: The beautiful landscape and the fact that you can get to the coast, the mountains or the high desert in just a few hours, and its all so lush and green.
Fun fact: Completed a 6 month internship at the Oregon Zoo with the primates, and volunteers at The Pixie Project animal rescue and adoption center-I’m a huge animal person!


charlie2015 meet our team

Charlie Holloway
Sales Lead
Favorite Viridian Material: Granary Plank-Antique
Hometown: Portland, OR
Likes: I like my two goofball kids, homegrown tomatoes, vintage Volkswagens and swimming in cold, clean rivers.
Favorite thing about Portland: The abundance of beautiful public parks and natural spaces.  It’s nice to be so close to my extended family, too.
Fun Fact: I have an identical twin.

12359894_10206973492914794_3939331134071501455_n meet our team

Dave Dalbey
Inside Sales
Favorite Viridian Material: Good Neighbor Smooth Redwood
Hometown: Portland, OR
Likes: Kayaking, canoeing, sailing, Portland Timbers R.C.T.I.D!
Favorite thing about Portland: I can be on the ocean or a volcano in less than 2 hours
Fun fact: I’ve been a kayak guide and custom homebuilder, not necessarily in that order!

Bill1 meet our team

Bill Holloway
Production Manager
Favorite Viridian Material: Antique Barnwood Tables
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Likes: Rivers, old-growth forests, fine furniture, museums, libraries, and heirloom tomatoes.
Favorite thing about Portland: The fact that most of my family lives here and that the climate allows a year-round vegetable garden.
Fun Fact: Has a dog named Aunt Beatrice.

john-for-web meet our team

John Craig
Design Development Manager
Favorite Viridian Material: Northwind Rustic Silver
Hometown: Eugene, Oregon via Los Angeles
Likes: Jazz and Electronic music, Podcasts, and cooking.
Favorite thing about Portland: The food and the social & environmental accountability.
Fun Fact: I am a songwriter. I have released a couple of records and am working on my next one right now!


Vicki-web meet our team

Vicki Casper
Customer Service & Sample Support
Favorite Material: Granary Plank Bourbon
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Likes: B-Movies, SciFi, vinyl, cooking, camping, sweater weather, berry picking, and dad jokes
Favorite thing about Portland: You can drive in any direction and be in the middle of nowhere in about 30; the great food, abundance of coffee, beer, and nice people.
Fun Fact:I have 6 pets, all of which were unplanned rescues (1 dog, 2 cats, a rabbit, a ball python, and a crested gecko). The Finders-Keepers rule applies to all strays!

ben2015 meet our team

Ben Sorensen
Wood Fabrication
Favorite Viridian Material: Jakarta Market Blend – Rustic
Hometown: San Luis Obispo, California
Favorite thing about Portland: Music!!!
Fun Fact: I don’t like wigs. I don’t know why.

four legged staff…


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   Buckminster Fuller, Tater,  Luna, & Moby


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