Our story was born in 2004, with a lot of grit and a couple of friends’ idea to rescue some really amazing wood from winding up in a landfill. Viridian pioneered a method to up-cycle wood into truly unique, affordable and easy to install tables, paneling and flooring.

Viridian’s  award-winning process gives us access to a very deep and dependable inventory.  Our specialty is supplying large projects with consistent reclaimed wood, and most products are manufactured in Portland by local craftsmen.


joe-pierce Our Story

“We love where we live, and we want to ensure the highest quality of life for generations. It’s why we do what we do.”


Joe Mitchoff & Pierce Henley
Viridian Co-Founders

Our Guiding Principles: Sustain. Innovate. Create.

Sustain ››› We use environmentally responsible materials and processes.

Innovate ››› We pioneer new uses and efficient methods to eliminate waste and reduce demand for new lumber. 

Create ››› We inspire and help our customers to build beautiful and healthy environments. 

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Watch our Video

Watch a quick video on the why, how and what we do.

Order with Confidence

Unique Looks  ››› We’re obsessive about staying on the cutting edge. We’re always searching for what’s next!

Affordable ››› We have options for every style and budget. 

Durable ››› Our products are built to last, and we have the best wood finishes in the business 

Short Lead Times ››› Every order on time, on budget and no surprises.

Reliable Stock ››› We have deep inventories and are able to supply large projects with consistent material. 

Easy to Install ››› Product specs are clear, reliable and designed for quick onsite installation. 

FSC® Certified ››› FSC is the global leader for responsible forestry, and many of our products carry an FSC claim.