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“We love where we live, and we want to ensure the highest quality of life for generations. It’s why we do what we do.”

››› Joe Mitchoff, Viridian Co-Founder

Most reclaimed lumber companies find their inspiration in old barns and schoolhouses. Our story was born in 2004 down at the shipyard, with a lot of grit and a couple of friends’ idea to rescue some really amazing wood from winding up in a landfill. Wood from far off ports arrives daily as shipping pallets and crates, but it’s extremely difficult to recycle. Through years of trial and error we pioneered a method for up-cycling this wood into products with lasting value.

Since then we have expanded to new sources with the same goals of post-industrial reclamation and conservation. True to our roots, we are committed to finding the best use for every stick of wood we reclaim to reduce demand for new lumber.

We are locally owned and operated in Portland, Oregon. At Viridian sustainability is not merely an ideal to work towards; conserving our natural resources is the very foundation we grew from. It is fundamental to our culture and affects everything we do. We are proud that our work has been internationally recognized to help preserve the world’s remaining forests and combat climate change.

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