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We have samples of most materials in stock, and our shop is at the ready for quick turnaround on your custom sample needs. We encourage you to order samples before specifying Viridian products for a particular job or use.  Depending on the request there may be a small fee for samples and shipping.

We also offer sample boxes of all of our materials.  It is designed to take up minimal space in a materials library while providing a host of materials to inspire your creativity.

Call us at 877-909-WOOD (9663) to order samples or a sample box.

Sample-box order samples

A few words about samples and product variability….

Get Real! Our products are natural, untreated wood from reclaimed sources. Each piece of material is one‐of‐a kind and will have its own distinct appearance with naturally occurring variation in color from heartwood to sapwood, tone, grain, knots, burls, swirls, species and character. There is the potential for mineral streaks; oxide stains; surface checking; and dowel, knot, insect, and nail holes from its prior use. These features are inherent to the product and make your wood products unique and beautiful! Exposure to light may also cause subtle color changes over time. This natural process, called patina, will add to the beauty and character of your wood. Solid wood is in constant motion; it expands and contracts according to changing temperature and humidity, depending on the environment tiny lines or gaps may occur with time. We believe this only makes wood products more individual and elegant.

All our reclaimed products are “Character Grade” and shall allow any kind, number or distribution of the aforementioned characteristics. Color sorting is subjective and not guaranteed. Additional grading and defecting may be required by the buyer to achieve the desired look. We make every effort to make samples we provide representative of the final product, but samples simply cannot encompass every variation you might encounter in the final product.

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