3D Architectural Panel (3DAP) Installation Recommendations

3D-Architectural-Panels-Backporch-Coffee-Roasters-Lane-Pearson-Photo-10-Web-300x201 3D Architectural Panel (3DAP) Installation Recommendations    3D-Architectural-Panels-Viridian-Wood-3-HighRes-4-1-300x200 3D Architectural Panel (3DAP) Installation Recommendations

We want to help make your 3DAP installation a success!  Download our PDF of installation recommendations including:

    • Wall installation: Cleats, clips, standoffs, direct screw to wall, and adhesives.
    • Fixed or sliding partitions: Cable suspension, barn door and other sliding panel kits.
    • Structural metal channel and surface mount grips.

As a material supplier we do not install products. Installation methods can vary widely depending on your material choice, application and design intent.  As such, the suggestions below are general in nature. It is important to consult with the installation hardware manufacturer and a licensed contractor for the specifics of your project.  

Store, handle and install 3DAP per Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) 2nd Edition (2014), Section 8: Wall/Ceiling Surfacing and Partitions, available at www.awinet.org.  Panels are prefinished, so handle with care to avoid scratches!


Turnkey panel installation is eays! Our kits are made in the USA from the highest quality satin anodized aluminum, and they include everything needed for installation. We offer three types of panel mounting kits: 


Standoff-300x78 3D Architectural Panel (3DAP) Installation Recommendations

  • Everything you need to mount a fixed panel 1″ off of your wall surface
  • Includes: 6 trim caps, 6 standoff barrels, all screws and specialized drywall anchors (if needed). 
  • Check out instructions here.


pony-wall-300x222 3D Architectural Panel (3DAP) Installation Recommendations

  • Panel gripper with a mounting plate designed to mount your panel perpendicular to a surface (upright or off of a wall)
  • Includes: 2 gripper/mounting plate assemblies and screws.
  • Pony wall surface mount gripper instructions are the same as the the suspension kit


suspension-300x215 3D Architectural Panel (3DAP) Installation Recommendations







  • Side mounted panel grippers for suspending panels from any flat or angled ceiling or beam.
  • Includes: 4 side mounted panel grippers, 2 ceiling mounts, 2 floor mounts, 25′ of steel wire, and allen wrenches.
  • Check out instructions here. 

There are lots of options, but 3DAP is surprisingly easy to spec and install. Contact your Account Executive to kickstart your project!

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