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Commercial bartops, shelves, benches and table bases available

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Our flagship material is a show-stopping mix of dense Asian hardwoods that arrive in Portland as transpacific shipping crates carrying steel railroad track. Designers love the long lengths, punctuated by vertical jet-black lines where the tracks sat on the crates. We reclaim this wood ourselves, to rescue it and give it new life in Jakarta Paneling.

The punishing conditions of heavy cargo and rough seas give every board a rustic look that is truly unique. Getting just the right combination of weathered style and functional substance is an art. We precision mill the face for tight-fitting installation while retaining the best qualities of the weathered original rustic face.

Jakarta – smooth includes a spectrum of exotic hardwoods, including dark reds, deep golds, rich browns and graphite tones.

It’s extremely versatile and well suited to high traffic locations.  Each one-of-a-kind floor will have its own unique character and amazing story that will speak to you.

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