Granary Plank Collection – Reclaimed Douglas Fir Flooring


Commercial bartops, shelves, benches and table bases available

Granary Plank Collection – Reclaimed Douglas Fir Flooring
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The amazing wood that we find and reclaim, breathe inspiration into our products. Our Granary Plank collection was born from old pine and doug fir structural beams found in old factories, abandoned granaries, and deserted warehouses throughout the West Coast. This wood receives a second life through Granary Plank, our mix of pine and douglas fir reclaimed wood flooring.

The story this wood has to tell will speak to you! The mix of reclaimed pine and doug fir showcases just the right amount of black nail holes, aged patina, faint saw marks and indentations. Each one-of-a-kind board within this wood flooring carries a unique story from its past life.

We reclaim so much of the wood that makes up our Granary Plank collection and doug fir flooring because of the relationships we’ve built with construction companies. Paired with our strong commitment to reclaiming as much wood as we can ensure that our inventory is deep and consistent.

This wide plank flooring material is precision milled and easy to finish.

The granary plank collection is also available as table tops and wall paneling.

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