Wood Flooring


Rustic styling with modern performance  

Flooring provides more than a surface to walk on. It tells a story and sets the tone for a space. At Viridian Wood, we treat each piece of reclaimed wood flooring as a work of art. We pull from multiple sources, including antique barns and local Pacific Northwest Doug Fir, to create a product our customers love. Our craftsmen strive to preserve the weather style of each board and use modern precision milling and brushing techniques to create an easy-to-install texture.

Ideal for offices, event spaces, restaurants, and other commercial properties our reclaimed wood flooring is available in several species and styles. Customers can choose from antique barn wood and Doug Fir solid flooring, walnut, and white oak wide floor panels, and our granary plank collection. Certain panels have multiple color options available, and you can request samples of each to see how they blend with your space. Get a free quote today to start your order!