Ecolab Tested Wood Table Tops For Restaurants

Ecolab Tested Wood Table Tops for Restaurants

Getting a restaurant up and running is no easy task! Whether you are starting from scratch or remodeling an existing location, you want to choose materials that are easy to maintain and lower total operational costs. Selecting high-quality restaurant table tops can help set your dining room apart from competitors, distinguish your brand as being green and lower your long-term maintenance costs. 

After all the care you put into your dining room the last thing that you want to deal with are failures from poor construction or sticky finish because the wrong product was applied to the wood table tops…ick!

Viridian uses only the absolute best, most durable finish on all of our wood restaurant table tops.  It is commercially rated and tested by ASTM against the most common food items such as alcohol, bleach rags, citrus, mustard, wine, vinegar and many more items you use in a restaurant.  These are rigorous standardized tests that assure you that your wood tables will look great and perform for the long haul.

We also enlisted Ecolab to test their most common front-of-house cleaning agents on our finishes, including Quat sanitizer. Our finishes passed Ecolab testing with flying colors. In fact, our UV finish was the best they had ever tested.

Our rustic wood tables go through additional steps, too.  Our master finishers get the perfect balance of rustic character and functional performance by an epoxy top coat to make sure you never have to worry about food or washcloth lint sticking to your tables. 

You want your restaurant tables to look great for the long haul, and so do we.  Avoid sticky tables!  Make sure to ask your table top supplier if they have had their finishes tested. 

Finishing wood table tops is another topic altogether; the topic at hand is technical testing of our finishes.

Pierce Henley is the co-founder of Viridian Reclaimed Wood, which creates sustainable and FSC® certified wood paneling, tables and counters for commercial interiors.  Henley has worked on award-winning interiors with numerous restaurant clients throughout the USA and Canada.