Bar-Pastoral-1 Bar Pastoral

Bar Pastoral

“Viridian Reclaimed Wood helped us narrow our search for reclaimed wood restaurant tables, bar paneling and bar fronts. They helped to strengthen our design narrative of sustainable materials from US sourced suppliers all while meeting our construction budget and delivery…Read more

Blueline_pizza_San_Francisco_California_Reclaimed_wood_tables_paneling_and_flooring_2 Blue Line Pizza

Blue Line Pizza

“Viridian creates beautiful wood finishes that will help you create a warm and contemporary look!  On top of that, their environmental stewardship, great people, and responsive service make Viridian an exceptional company to do business with!” Blue Line Pizza  

Myriad_Gastro_Pub_San_Francisco__California_Reclaimed_Wood_Paneling_table_tops_and_flooring_2 Myriad Gastropub

Myriad Gastropub

“Viridian Reclaimed Wood is my “go to” for sustainable, green reclaimed wood products at an affordable price. Their paneling and table offerings have helped create warm and inviting interior in numerous hospitality projects. The staff at Viridian has always been…Read more

Tabor_77_Portland_Oregon_Reclaimed_Old_Growth_Doug_Fir_Tables_and_Paneling_2.jpg Portland Houseworks

Portland Houseworks

“As a homebuilder I seek products that differentiate our homes—custom touches that provide a dramatic first impression and tell a story.  Enter Viridian!  Their beautifully crafted recycled wood products will transform a home into a warm and inviting space. I…Read more

Pie-Hole-Orange-ca The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole

“Viridian Reclaimed Wood extinguishes the adage “you get what you pay for.”  The product is not only comparable in price, but the quality is exceptional.  The Pie Hole is proud to showcase the reclaimed wood and has used this product…Read more

Maple_Street_Biscuits Maple Street Biscuit Company

Maple Street Biscuit Company

“I called the Viridian team with a tough request. I asked them to build me 10 tables and deliver them to the other side of the country in two weeks. They took a few minutes to figure out what they…Read more

Sacramento_Food_Coop_Sacramento_California_Reclaimed_Barnwood_tables Sacramento Food Co-op

Sacramento Food Co-op

“Our aim was to emphasize the use of reclaimed wood restaurant tables as the furniture for our new store, and we were happy to find that Viridian could meet that need.  Their service was exceptional and we are very happy…Read more

Epif_Restaurant_Portland_Oregon_Reclaimed_wood_tables Epif Restaurant

Epif Restaurant

“When my husband and I were looking for unique reclaimed wood restaurant tables for our new restaurant, we were so excited to find Viridian.  Their reps were very helpful in working within our budget and they went out of their…Read more

Harvest_Grille_Houston_Texas_Reclaimed_wood_restaurant_tables Harvest Organic Grille

Harvest Organic Grille

Portland, Oregon “Viridian Reclaimed Woods restaurant tables made our dining rooms stunning.  By using Viridian Reclaimed Wood restaurant tables we help the environment by preserving our natural resources while bringing high-quality durable tops to our dining room. Viridian has great…Read more

Pope-House-Bourbon-Lounge-Portland-Oregon-Reclaimed-Barnwood-Tables-2 The Pope House Bourbon Lounge

The Pope House Bourbon Lounge

“We couldn’t be happier with the look and feel of these great tables.  They really contribute to the atmosphere in a positive way.  I was surprised that the whole process only took a few weeks from start to finish.  We…Read more