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Giving new life to old wood takes a lot of tenacity and creative energy. If you think we sell wood and flooring, you are only partly right. We are selling the promise of a more sustainable future. Our day to day tasks include discovering new markets and creative ways to use wood, innovating processes and telling our story to connect with and inspire others to use sustainable wood products. We love what we do, we work hard, and we have a lot of fun while we do it. We’re smart, honest, genuine, a tad eccentric and wholly committed to growing our company sustainably in every sense of the word.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email your resume to

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We are based in Portland, Oregon. We are passionate about Portland and making the community we love more sustainable for more people. It’s a great place to live! Portland is at the epicenter of the sustainable building and design movement and is consistently ranked as one of the most livable and environmentally friendly cities in the world. We’re an hour’s drive from the ocean and the mountains. We have one of America’s best transit systems, library systems, bike path networks and park systems (including the largest urban wilderness park in the US). We have excellent schools, outdoor recreation, culture and restaurants. Come join us!

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