California Redwood Forests: A History of Reclaimed Wood

The only place in the world that redwood trees grow naturally is along the coast of California and southern Oregon, though California is home to the majority with 31 redwood state and national parks. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are no stranger to the majesty of Giant Sequoias and are jarred by the turmoil our neighbors to the south are facing after a stray bolt of lightning sparked what is now an almost contained fire. This National Wildlife Day we are celebrating the resilience of the Redwood forest.

What are the California Redwoods?

Sequoioideae is a massive plant that grows in a very specific region of the world. From the southern tip of Oregon to central California, the redwood belt is famous for its old growth forests filled with giant trunks and shadowed by canopies over 200 ft tall. With native groves dating back farther than 3,000 years and supporting hundreds of unique species, this part of the planet is truly lush with wildlife.

redwoods California Redwood Forests: A History of Reclaimed Wood

Redwood Trees And Reclaimed Wood Products 

With a reputation like this it is hard to imagine people living among these huge and mysterious trees. The towns situated in the redwood mountains have used this natural resource to build communities. Their libraries, barns, and fences are erected with amply available Sequoia lumber. As times change, these structures have slowly been rebuilt to incorporate solid cement foundations and more modern building practices. This has given Viridian Wood the opportunity to collect those old structures and re-purpose them as unique wall cladding.

Good-Neighbor-Natural-Wood-Wall-Panels-Door-and-Dining-Room2 California Redwood Forests: A History of Reclaimed Wood

Nature and wildlife can be unpredictable. Lightning strikes and colossal trees older than most American cities are really awe inspiring parts of life on earth. The rich history behind the scorched wood of the giant sequoia tells a wild tale worth preserving. As reclaimers of wood we are proud to share the natural beauty and character of redwood without harvesting the living trees of the Sequoioideae forest, instead harvesting the wood from fences, barns, and structures.

Viridian-Sourcing-6 California Redwood Forests: A History of Reclaimed Wood

Sustainable and FSC Certified 100% Recycled

Viridian was founded in 2005 with the goal to “make it easy, affordable and inspiring for designers to build beautiful and healthy environments with sustainable wood.”  The redwood in our products is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified 100% Recycled.  It is an honor to to reclaim redwood with a past life and pass along a refined finished product to the many designers, restaurateurs, and homeowners looking for a touch of the wild for their space. With planting trees as a part of our mission, we approach the restoration of the redwood forest with a hopeful heart and a steady hand. Choosing these tables reduces the demand for new lumber, and Viridian partners with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree in a US National Forest for every table made.  

National-Forest-Foundation-Viridian-logo-1024x731 California Redwood Forests: A History of Reclaimed Wood