ASTM Approved Solid Wood Table Tops

ASTM Approved Solid Wood Table Tops

We are obsessive about making sure our commercial wood tables look amazing when they leave our shop, and we want to make sure they look great despite constant use and wipe downs. We are wood geeks, and this article is a deep dive into the lengths we go to make the perfect tables.

When it comes to solid wood table tops, the American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) is the defacto standard to test product performance. We know how important it is for our customers to see that their investment in our products pays off. That is why we proactively submitted our products to ASTM structural testing, and Ecolab’s rigorous finish testing. Approval by these industry leaders ensures our production and finishing are superior to other wood table top manufacturers.

Our ASTM tests focus on table top construction. We manufacture in Portland, Oregon and ship to many different climates nationwide (and Canada). Our construction and testing ensure that our table tops look and perform the same in a variety of temperatures and environments. The ASTM Standard D1183 Method B subjected our tables to punishing tests that mimic real-world conditions at their worst!

The ASTM test starts gently, letting the tops acclimate to the testing facility for a week at normal room temperature. From there, the tops are loaded into a specially designed environmental chamber where the conditions are carefully monitored and logged.

The chamber goes through a variety of changes, including wild swings in humidity and temperature representing worst-case scenarios in a real-world setting. For example, one variation of a test begins at 40 degrees at 80% humidity (think Portland, Oregon). Then the chamber is taken to 140 degrees and 10% humidity (Phoenix, anyone?!)

These tests measured the loss of adhesion at the glue lines after each table faced the extreme environments. The samples tables we sent were no different than any regular table we produce – and all passed with flying colors!

When you want to ensure your investment in wood tables keeps paying dividends, make sure that they are produced by a company that cares to stand behind their product.

Pierce Henley is the co-founder of Viridian Reclaimed Wood, which creates sustainable and FSC® certified wood paneling, tables and counters for commercial interiors. Henley has worked on award-winning interiors with numerous restaurant clients throughout the USA and Canada.