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Cleanliness and safety are more important now than ever.  ALL of Viridian’s finishes are ECOLAB tested to be compatible with front of house cleaning products and meet ANSI/KCMA A161.1 standards for bleach water, wine, citrus, and abrasion resistance.

Viridian has always used these industry-leading, ultra-durable finishes so your past purchases are covered, and you can feel confident going forward.

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Viridian partners with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree in a US National Forest for every table we sell.  With your help Viridian has planted thousands and thousands of trees, repairing fire-damage and providing critical wildlife recovery. Thank you!


We start with why.

At Viridian, WE SPEAK FOR THE TREES. We exist to give new life to the precious woods we reclaim, to reduce demand for new lumber, and to make our community a better place for us being here.

We achieve our purpose by bringing you truly unique, affordable, durable and ready-to-install tables, counters, paneling and flooring. Our reclaimed wood comes from abandoned buildings, shipyards, old gymnasiums and other post-consumer uses–even backyard fences!

Viridian’s award-winning process gives us access to a very deep and dependable inventory. Our specialty is supplying large projects with consistent reclaimed and sustainable woods, and most of our products are manufactured in Portland by local craftsmen.