Viridian’s American Classic Red and White Rustic Oak Flooring Wins Builder Magazine’s Editorial Pick

Viridian's red and white rustic oak flooring

Our rustic oak floors never fail to attract attention – they even caught the eye of of Builder Magazine, which featured our American Classics line as an Editorial Pick last month. Why would the magazine choose to use our red and white oak flooring in its product spotlight? Today’s homebuyers crave Old World style, and installing rustic oak floors is one of the easiest ways to achieve that look. Just throw in some iron fixtures, stucco walls and heavy beams, and your Old World look is complete.

Additionally, Builder Magazine may have handpicked our rustic oak floors because they know their readers are looking for eco-friendly remodeling products. Our rustic white and red oak flooring is repurposed from industrial shipping crates, whose strong, beautiful timber is brought to our facility in Portland, Ore. to be refinished into flooring, paneling and more. When you choose to install our rustic oak floors, you are helping the earth in two ways:

1) Reusing this wood means less is sent to the landfill.

2) Less demand for virgin wood means decreased deforestation.

While our customers are certainly savvy about their ecological impact, they’re also choosy about style. Our American Classics line is as stunning as it is healthy for the planet. Here’s a brief introduction to the three styles of flooring in this collection:

Antique Rustic Oak Flooring. We work hard to preserve the nail marks, circle saw marks and gorgeous patina of the hardwood timber we repurpose to create our rustic oak flooring. Our Circle Sawn Antique Oak is precision milled with a microbevel and then brushed to create a unique texture perfect for the office or home. Restaurants love our rustic oak, too – they often use it for their tabletops.

White Oak Flooring. Our white oak flooring is strong enough for any environment and beautiful enough to inspire art. With its pale sapwood, chocolate-toned heartwood and graphite knots and nail holes, this is one flooring installation that will wow guests.

Red Oak Flooring. Our red oak flooring is a gorgeous red-brown color that mellows to deeper amber over time. Occasional dark knots and nail holes show that this is reclaimed wood, but our red oak flooring is hard enough on the Janka scale (1290) to be installed in the toughest commercial environments.

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