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Architect's Newspaper, February 13, 2015

Route 66
Viridian Reclaimed Wood

These reclaimed red oak and white oak planks and panels get their rustic character from their original use as decking on tractor-trailers. In a variety of lengths and sizes.

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Granary Plank Antique

Architectural Record, February 2015

The wood in these panels is reclaimed from decommissioned granaries in Washington state and given a combination smooth-face and rough-sawn look…

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Meet 2015’s 40 Under 40 sustainability leaders

Portland Business Journal, February 19, 2015

Pierce Henley, 39, is founder and president of Viridian Reclaimed Wood. His career turning point? “The main turning point in my career occurred in 2009 in the depths of the financial crisis…”

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Viridian Adds Line of Paneling & Flooring from Granary Beams

Green Lodging News, January 27, 2015

PORTLAND, ORE.—Viridian Reclaimed Wood announced the introduction of a new line of solid-strip paneling and flooring derived from reclaimed structural beams, according to Viridian co-owner Joe Mitchoff.

“While so many of our raw materials come from ports and harbors, we’re always continuing to diversify our sources,” Mitchoff said. “This new line comes from old growth beams reclaimed from Pacific Northwest building-deconstruction and remodeling, primarily granaries and warehouses.”

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Solid-Strip Paneling and Flooring Comes From Reclaimed Structural Beams in Granaries and Warehouses

Retrofit Magazine, February 2015

Viridian Reclaimed Wood introduced a line of solid-strip paneling and flooring derived from reclaimed structural beams.

Available in two varieties—Granary Plank Smooth Face Naily and Granary Plank Antique—the new products are milled from a mix of Douglas-fir and pine beams reclaimed from granaries and warehouses throughout the Pacific Northwest. Both are FSC-certified Recycled 100 percent Post-Consumer Reclaimed.

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Reynolds High School unveils new gym as school year begins

Portland Business Journal, Aug 27, 2014

Reynolds High School is unveiling its newly renovated gymnasium, which it hopes will help staff and students move forward after the tragic shooting on June 10 which left the shooter and a 14-year-old freshman dead and a physical education teacher injured.

Today, the school at 1698 S.E. Cherry Park Road in Troutdale, will offer public tours of the gymnasium. The improvements are about 95 percent complete and the school says they will be finished before the new semester starts next Thursday.

The district was planning a renovation of the locker rooms with Oh Planning and Design Architecture before shooting in June. But local businesses donated funds, labor and materials to produce a “much more comprehensive and transformative” renovation that will give students a safe place to exercise.

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