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Ordering reclaimed wood has its quirks, but our goal is to make it easy:

Reliable Stock  ››We have deep, dependable inventories and are able to supply large and multi-site projects with consistent material.

Short Lead Times. ››Our guarantee-every order on time and on budget.

Made in USA. ››All wood is reclaimed and manufactured in USA to keep jobs and resources where they should be, local!

Affordable & Versatile Options. ››› We have products for every budget and we offer easy-to-install, prefinished, turnkey solutions.

100% FSC® certified. ››› Forest Stewardship Council is the global leader for responsible forestry and we’re proud to be a part of it.

LEED® ››› All products are eligible for many LEED credits and we have LEED APs on staff for technical assistance.

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