Reclaimed Wood Tables: Perfect for the Corner Bistro or Bar

Viridian Reclaimed Wood TableOur solid reclaimed wood tables are well-liked among environmentally conscious restaurant owners. But what about the corner pizza parlor or pub, which may not be able to afford high-end wood tables? We have an affordable, durable option for them, too – we now make reclaimed wood tables over a sustainable core, providing restaurateurs with the reclaimed wood look they love in a more cost-effective package.

Whatever style you’re aiming for, and whatever your budget, we have reclaimed wood tables to match. From the rustic look of tables made from Douglas fir old-growth beams to the bright, refined look of our Jakarta light sort blend, there is a Viridian reclaimed wood table for your bistro or pub. We even offer reclaimed wood tables made of old gym bleachers – with the bleacher numbers intact. (What a perfect look for a sports bar!)

Here are a few of the benefits of placing our reclaimed wood tables in your casual dining establishment:

Affordable. An FSC-certified sustainable core saves you money while making use of wood that might otherwise be headed for the landfill.

Gorgeous. The glow of reclaimed wood tables is undeniable; they will magnetize customers to your space.

Stable and comfortable. Our reclaimed wood tables won’t irritate your customers by wobbling. For comfort, we include a 3/16-inch round over on the corners of each table.

Sustainable. All of our products are made of reclaimed wood. Your customers will certainly ask where you acquired your gorgeous wood tables; imagine their delight upon learning that they are “recycled.”

No tablecloth needed. To create a flat surface, we fill large checks and knots with wood filler. For protection, we top everything off with multiple coats of a low-VOC polyurethane finish. Extra coats are added to the top layer, making our tables easy to wipe down. With such beautiful reclaimed wood before them, your customers will likely prefer a tablecloth-free dining experience – saving you linen service costs.

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