Reclaimed Wood Panels: Reaching New Heights

Wood paneling is used for much more than walls, casework and cabinetry. Reclaimed wood paneling can also be used for floors, ceilings, doors, tables and more. If you are wondering how this can be done, read on to learn more about reclaimed wood paneling and how it can be used to reach new heights of creativity.

Give Ceilings a Face Lift

Instead of using reclaimed wood to panel the walls, apply it to the ceiling instead. Wood paneling on the ceiling can completely change the style of a room, lending a more colonial, Victorian or country feel, depending on the type of wood. Similarly, a basement ceiling paneled in reclaimed wood can give your lower level a British pub atmosphere. To make a room feel more spacious and rustic, you can even hire a professional to remove the existing ceiling and create a vaulted effect with reclaimed wood paneling.

By incorporating wood paneling made of different types of reclaimed wood, you can also create a stylish, patterned look on your ceiling. For example, cut the wood paneling into small pieces and assemble them in a mosaic pattern.

Spruce up Wood Furniture

Give old furniture a new life by covering it reclaimed wood paneling. With nothing but a saw, glue, finishing nails and reclaimed wood panels, you can make cheap or shabby furniture look more expensive, adding both value and aesthetic appeal.

Create Custom Doors and Tables

Wood paneling can also be used to make doors and tables. If you’re looking for a certain style, reclaimed wood paneling can be constructed into a door that matches your wood preference and is tailored to fit your style. Similarly, custom tables can be made to your specifications and accommodate most heights or widths.

Don’t fall into the misconception that reclaimed wood paneling is only used for walls and cabinetry. Use wood paneling to create a door, ceiling, table or whatever else you can think of to enhance your home décor.

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