How to Emphasize the Beauty of Reclaimed Wood Floors

Reclaimed Wood Floor: Jakarta RusticA reclaimed wood floor is a beautiful thing, and it is only natural to want to show it off. Not only does reclaimed wood add warmth and style to a home, but it can serve as a unique conversation piece when you tell the story of where it came from. The trick to emphasizing the beauty of reclaimed flooring is to decorate your home with items that draw the eyes downward.

Making Your Reclaimed Flooring Noticeable

Here are some tips to help you showcase your reclaimed wood floor:

Keep your décor simple. It will be harder for others to notice your reclaimed flooring if your walls are lined with family portraits and works of art, your curtains have flashy colors, and your furniture takes up the majority of space in the room. Sticking to neutral colors and eliminating busy decorative elements can help draw attention to your reclaimed wood floor.

Use the right rug. A rug that contrasts with your reclaimed flooring will immediately catch the eye. Use neutral-colored drapes and upholstered furniture so they do not compete with the patterns on your rug. The point is to get others to immediately notice the rug, which elegantly accents your reclaimed wood floor.

Make your reclaimed flooring the focal point of a room. Consider using a minimalist approach to your interior design so your reclaimed flooring is the center of attention. You can do this by using furniture that is slightly darker or lighter than your floor. Spaciously arrange the sofas and chairs as you would for a gathering, around a fireplace or a piece of art on the wall. Use a clear glass coffee table whose legs match the shade of your reclaimed flooring. Place a simple floral arrangement on the glass coffee table to help draw the eyes downward.

For more ideas about how to highlight the beauty of your reclaimed wood, look at the catalogs and advertisements flooring companies publish. They stage home-like settings for the purpose of showing off their floors, which can give you some good ideas for your own home.

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