old growth douglas fir – gym bleachers

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Reclaimed Douglas Fir Bleachers have so much character.  One one side of the plank, the original finish with row numbers  is punctuated with bolt holes and angst filled teen graffiti.  On the other side of the plank, gorgeous clear vertical grain shows why this type of wood was chosen to support so many sports fans for years. The superb structure of the grain is so tight and dense, it has it’s own grading standard.  For a tamer, more sophisticated look, the original finish is sanded off to reveal the tight grain clear vertical grain Douglas Fir is known for.  The  bolt holes are either plugged with wood from the same plank and matched for grain direction, or clear filler, so you can see into the bolt holes for added interest. Both hint of the wood’s past life.


available as: dimensions: color options:
Tabletops Thickness 7/8″ Original seat numbers
Counter tops Width 16″ to 48″ Sanded smooth
Coffee tables Length 24″ to 144″ Unfinished or finished
download full specs:

100% FSC® certified, post-consumer reclaimed from sustainable sources.  Choosing this product reduces demand for new lumber and saves trees.

made in oregon:
Reclaimed in Portland and manufactured in Oregon to keep jobs, resources and money where they should be, local!