4×8 veneer panels

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There are lots of choices in the veneer panel market, so when we set out to create ours we knew we had to offer a distinctive value to stand out in the crowd.  So we set out to make the greenest veneer panel on the market.  We started with unique materials:

  • Gorgeous, old growth redwood from northern California.
  • Rich, dark Oregon black walnut reclaimed from urban salvage in Portland
  • Old growth douglas fir reclaimed from warehouse deconstruction.  All our beams are amazing but we hand pick the best, tightest grain for our veneers. Our doug fir is in a class by itself, no other fir veneers can compare.

Most veneers are manufactured overseas, but we partnered with a domestic, industry-leading veneer slicing company to optimize this rare and precious lumber in the USA.  Finally, we press the veneers locally in Portland using the greenest MDF 4×8 sheets available, which also happen to be manufactured right in Oregon. We are also able to press the panels on FSC® plywood and a variety of other substrates.

Reclaimed wood veneer panels are versatile and easy to work with!  They are great for wall paneling as well as for casework/cabinetry. They can also be pressed on a variety of materials and thicknesses, including fire rated cores for cost-effective direct-mount applications.

Click below if you would like to see some video of our manufacturing process

Redwood veneer panel being calibration sanded
Walnut veneer panel being calibration sanded
available as: materials other options:
4×8 panels complete Old Growth Redwood both sides matching material
4×8 veneer only Oregon Black Walnut edge banding
veneer flitches Old Growth Douglas Fir CVG prefinishing
download full specs:

Reclaimed wood veneer pressed to FSC certified MDF core (no added urea formaldehyde); finished panels are voc-free UV cured polyurethane.

made in usa:
Veneers reclaimed and manufactured in USA, MDF manufacturing and veneer pressing done in Oregon to keep jobs, resources and money where they should be, local!