siberian spruce

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The frigid climate of subarctic Russia is a tough place for a tree to grow up. And once cut down life gets even rougher, enduring grueling conditions of heavy cargoes and harsh seas as crating material on ships. So you can imagine the tragedy of this lumber making the journey all the way to America just to be discarded. We had to do something, so we rescued this stunning wood and created our Siberian Spruce paneling. Its rustic character hints of its rough-and-tumble past, with its inner beauty now exposed and preserved for generations of enjoyment.

Siberian Spruce paneling is very flexible and customizable: we have a wide range of thicknesses and we are able to mill to virtually any profile with short lead times.

For something truly unique check out our new WindWorn™ line of textured wood paneling.  Reminiscent of barn wood worn down by the elements, WindWorn Siberian Spruce is an extremely affordable and distinctive way to use reclaimed wood.

Siberian Spruce looks great natural, and it accepts stains consistently to create a custom look. We can even pre-finish the wood in any custom stain making installation a snap.

available as: paneling dimensions: other options:
Solid Paneling Thickness 5/8″ or 3/4″ prefinished
Face Width 3″ custom stains
Random Lengths 4′ – 8′+ custom profiles
download full specs here:


100% FSC® certified, post-consumer reclaimed from sustainable sources.  Choosing this product reduces demand for new lumber and saves trees.

made in oregon:
Reclaimed in Portland and manufactured in Oregon to keep jobs, resources and money where they should be, local!