old growth douglas fir – rustic

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Old Growth Douglas Fir – Rustic is the original weathered exterior of an old beam;

a rugged look, precision milled and nylon brushed for easy installation and finishing.

We reclaim and manufacture locally on the West Coast, so we see all sorts of amazing douglas fir while we are in the field. Abandoned warehouses, decrepit docks, even creaky old gymnasiums get our creative juices flowing because they’re full of wooden treasures.  We partner with several construction companies to make sure that wood from decommissioned buildings gets a new life in one of our products.  These relationships give us access to the biggest and best old growth beams around, as well as the deepest inventory of consistent material for our flooring and paneling.  Simply put, Viridian’s doug fir is in a class by itself – we have the longest lengths and the tightest grain pattern.  New lumber cannot compare!

Getting the just the right combination of weathered style and functional substance is an art…we precision mill the face for tight-fitting installation, while retaining the best qualities of the original rustic face.  The rustic face is extremely versatile – a light sand or different sheen of finish can alter the look to suit personal preferences.  Each one-of-a-kind floor has its own unique character and amazing story that will speak to you.

available as: paneling dimensions: character options:
Solid Paneling Thickness 3/4″ Rustic (original beam face)
Solid Flooring Face Width NET 4 & 6″ mix or 8″ Nail Edge (nail holes & oxide)
Tabletops Random Lengths 4-10′ Mixed Grain
Vertical Grain
download full specs:

Our reclaimed fir is grade “C&Btr,” the highest attainable for douglas fir.

100% FSC® certified, post-consumer reclaimed from sustainable sources.  Choosing this product reduces demand for new lumber and saves trees.

made in the pacific northwest:
Reclaimed and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest to keep jobs, resources & money where they should be, local!