jakarta market blend – rustic

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Jakarta Market Blend is a mix of dense hardwoods from the tropical lowlands of Asia, one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth.  This wood arrives in Portland, Oregon as transpacific shipping crating, carrying heavy steel railroad track.  After enduring punishing conditions of heavy cargoes and rough seas, our rustic face flooring and paneling is bursting with deep black oxide character from where the rail sat on the crates.  We reclaim this wood ourselves, to rescue it and give it new life in Jakarta Market Blend

Getting just the right combination of weathered style and functional substance is an art…we precision mill the face for tight-fitting installation, while retaining the best qualities of the original rustic face.  The rustic face is extremely versatile – a light sand or different sheen of finish can alter the look to suit personal preferences.  Each one-of-a-kind floor has its own unique character and amazing story that will speak to you.

available as: flooring dimensions: other color options:
Solid Flooring Thickness 5/8″ Rustic (original face)
Solid Paneling Face Width 2 1/2″ Dark Sort
Random Lengths 2′ – 6 1/2′ Light Sort
Tropical Mix
download full specs:

100% FSC® certified, post-consumer reclaimed from sustainable sources.  Choosing this product reduces demand for new lumber and saves trees.

made in oregon:
Reclaimed in Portland and manufactured in Oregon to keep jobs, resources and money where they should be, local!