old growth douglas fir – nail edge

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Nail edge flooring is an innovative use for naily joists reclaimed from old warehouses.  Pulling all those nails is difficult work, but it’s worth the effort to craft this beautiful flooring and paneling.  Simply put it is some of the finest and tightest grain fir around, and paired with the dark holes and black oxide stains it creates a vintage look that tells its own story when you see it.

If nail edge isn’t your thing we we’ve still got you covered. We have tight vertical and mixed grain fir that calls to mind a classic Old Portland bungalow, or if you’re looking for something rustic we can supply a weathered, original beam face that is precision milled to install beautifully.

available as: flooring dimensions: other character options:
Solid Flooring Thickness 3/4″ Nail Edge
Solid Paneling Face Width 3″ Mixed Grain
Random Lengths 4 – 10′ Vertical Grain
Rustic (original beam face)
download full specs:

Our reclaimed fir is grade “C&Btr,” the highest attainable for douglas fir.

100% FSC® certified, post-consumer reclaimed from sustainable sources.  Choosing this product reduces demand for new lumber and saves trees.

made in the pacific northwest:
Reclaimed and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest to keep jobs, resources & money where they should be, local!