circle sawn antique hardwoods

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American Classic is a fitting description of our Circle Sawn Antique Oak flooring.  True to its name these hardwoods are grown in the Northeastern US and used to ship heavy cargoes across the US.  After the wood had served its industrial purpose we reclaim it for our flooring products.

Viridian’s Circle Sawn Antique Oak is reminiscent of a bygone era when oak was commonly used as siding for the many barns across the American landscape.  Getting this rough and tumble oak to look amazing is a lot of hard work, but well worth the effort!  We start by preserving the best aspects of its existing character: the circle sawn marks, nail holes and vintage patina.  We precision mill it with a microbevel, and then we use a proprietary brushing process to create a subtle texture that is great for residential or commercial environments.  These details make for fast, consistent installs.

It is a versatile and sustainable option perfect for LEED and FSC certified construction.  You’ll love the look and, as our most affordable rustic option, you’ll love the price as well.

available as: flooring dimensions: also available as:
Solid Flooring Thickness 3/4″ circle sawn antique oak (shown)
Solid Paneling Face Width 4″ fresh sawn red oak
Random Lengths 2′ – 9′ fresh sawn white oak
red/white oak mix
download full specs:

100% FSC® certified, post-consumer reclaimed from sustainable sources.  Choosing this product reduces demand for new lumber and saves trees.

made in oregon:
Reclaimed in the US and manufactured in Oregon to keep jobs, resources and money where they should be, local!