Homemade Gift Ideas with Reclaimed Wood

If you’re looking for a way to bypass the usual holiday commercialism and give more meaningful gifts this year, why not craft your own gifts out of reclaimed wood? Using recycled lumber adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your hand-made gifts because it’s eco-friendly and helps keep used wood out of landfills.

Reclaimed timber for your DIY gifts can come from a variety of sources, from old fencing materials to shipping pallets to that shabby piece of furniture you’ve been meaning to get rid of. You may even be able to find wood for repurposing just by walking around; people often leave unwanted furniture or materials by the sidewalk.

If making your own gifts out of reclaimed wood appeals to you, here are a few easy suggestions – be sure to include a card that tells the story of where the reclaimed timber comes from.

reclaimed wood picture framePicture frames.

Picture frames are meaningful for the memories they hold; crafting them out of salvaged wood makes them even more so. Making a picture frame out of recycled lumber isn’t hard, provided you have the right tools – just cut the pieces to length and assemble them using 1.5-inch metal braces. You can find simple instructions online. To see examples of reclaimed wood frames, check out Green House Framing.


Those who love to entertain will always find a use for coasters – especially if they’re one-of-a-kind. Imagine how much pleasure your friends or loved ones will get from telling guests about their unique, hand-made reclaimed wood coasters. They’re also easy to make; just slice your recycled lumber into thin pieces and seal them with an eco-friendly clear coat for moisture resistance.


With inexpensive clock kits available at most craft stores, anyone can craft a timekeeper out of salvaged lumber. Choose a piece of reclaimed wood that’s uniquely shaped or has a fascinating background.


Birdhouses come in so many different shapes and styles, it’s hard to go wrong – even if you don’t have much in the way of woodworking skills. Besides, no impeccable store-bought birdhouse can hope to compete with the rustic charm of a hand-crafted recycled lumber model.

There are nearly endless ways to craft gifts out of reclaimed wood; you’re only limited by your imagination. Choose an idea that speaks to the recipient’s personality or special interests.

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