3 Common Problems with Pub and Restaurant Tables

Recycled Wood Restaurant TablesRestaurant tables are the workhorses of the furniture world. They must stand up to plenty of use while still looking gorgeous. Too often, however, restaurant and pub tables fall prey to the problems listed below:

1. They wobble, irritating customers.

We’ve all sat at a café table, ready to work or relax with the crossword, when a wobbly table tainted our experience. Wobbly tables can annoy customers enough to drive them away. The most common reason restaurant and pub tables wobble: They are improperly supported. Without sufficient support, virgin and recycled wood tables may warp. This throws off the geometry of the table and causes a wobble.

The other wobble-rouser is an uneven floor. If tables are neither bolted to the floor nor equipped with protective floor padding, their legs may wear hollows into the underlying floor. When a floor is so damaged that it’s causing uneven tables, it’s definitely time to look into new reclaimed floors for your dining establishment.

2. They’re difficult or time consuming to clean.

Hygiene is a key consideration for any restaurateur; after all, an unclean restaurant or café an easily be shut down by a negative health inspection. Customers also prefer cleanliness. Pub and restaurant tables must be wiped down vigorously several times a day. Some establishments prefer a water/bleach cleaning solution to kill any lingering bacteria. Recycled wood restaurant and pub tables that aren’t properly sealed will soak up cleaning solutions, leaving unsightly stains. An ideal dining table should be easy to clean several times a day.

3. They add nothing to the dining experience.

You don’t have to be a Martha Stewart intern to know that presentation impacts the dining experience. Pub and restaurant tables should be visually stunning, so as to provide a gorgeous background for the meal. Unfortunately, the finish on restaurant tables often fails, making them look like garbage. Warped tables are eyesores, as well.

To avoid these common restaurant table problems, we recommend working with a professional manufacturer of recycled wood tables. As experts in both reclaimed floors and tables, we’d be delighted to help you design a long-lasting, easy-to-clean, beautiful set of dining room tables. Wood is a wonderful material for dining tables, and it is enjoying a renaissance among designers as a favorite material for interior design. Wood is warm, easy to clean (assuming it has the proper finish) and wobble-free with the correct supports.

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